Board announces major change in management at Island abattoir

PROVIDENCE BAY—The Manitoulin Island Community Abattoir is pleased to announce a major change in management at the Island’s abattoir and its retail store (Papa’s Meats and Deli).

“With new faces comes a renewed spirit of outstanding service to our members and our customers,” says a MICA release. “A critical review of the retail store and abattoir operations by the MICA board revealed that our vision of outstanding customer service and excellent product quality was not being met. The board is hoping the corrective action taken will help us reach our vision and turn a new page.”

Effective September 16, 2013, Jim McCormick picked up the reins again at Papa’s and is acting manager. Ron Hall, a meat cutter with over 20 years of experience, has been hired as the new full-time meat cutter at Papa’s to assist Mr. McCormick.

At the abattoir, the crew of Ken Hayden, Victor Rekman and Charlie Glanville will be processing the livestock. “The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture (OMAF) meat inspection branch is pleased with the work done by these men on a weekly basis,” the release continues.

Both Papa’s Meats and Deli and MICA are looking forward to engaging producers and consumers to make sure quality products are available every day. Local producers are reminded that MICA is open for business, operating on Thursdays, and slaughter dates can be booked by phoning 705-377-5622.

For customers MICA suggests they, “watch your local paper to see what’s new in the retail store, including convenient hours, fresh cuts of quality meats, and convenient freezer programs including sides, halves and mixed-meat freezer packs. Watch for the new ‘Manitoulin freezer pack,’ a combination of locally produced and processed outstanding beef, lamb and pork, coming this fall.”

“We look forward to working together with farmers and consumers to foster a vibrant farm community and a healthy local food market on Manitoulin Island,” the MICA release adds.