Book explains ‘a lot of turmoil’ people face during life

To the Expositor:

Life from the heart as well as the head.

Recently, I read a book which I believe explains a lot of the turmoil our society and individuals face during their lives. The book, ‘Becoming Human’ by Jean Vanier (son of Governor General (former) Georges Vanier), explains the need to live from the heart.

This non-fiction book explores the idea that we are not just physical beings with material needs, but also entities with spirits (our hearts). To live from the heart means viewing all of humanity as equals (not looking down on others), putting compassion and concern for others first, and forgiving others who have wronged us.

I believe that neglecting our own hearts (by caring little about others) is a major cause of addiction, illness, violence and our own demise. What really brings lasting satisfaction and well being, a fancier car, a larger house, power over others, helping those in need, forgiving our enemies and loving one anothers?

I do not mean to suggest that we neglect our material needs, but we need to separate needs and wants. If you desire a better life and a good future for our children, I urge you to read the book mentioned above.


David McGibbon

Gore Bay