Burns Wharf needs men

The Burns Wharf Theatre Players, The Sorcerer in early 2017. In this scene: with the aid of the town sorcerer (Peter Baumgarten) Alexis (Patrick Therrien) hatches a plan to create a potion that will see the whole village fall in love “with the first person they meet who has also tasted it.” Aline (Rachel Gulyas) is not convinced. 

MANITOWANING—Burn’s Wharf Theatre is looking for a few good men. Well, maybe more than a few, and they can pretty much be of any age, shape or size, while “good” isn’t so much a qualitative issue, even if you don’t believe you can sing, act or dance, “don’t sell yourself short.”

“Yes we are looking for men,” laughed Burns Wharf Director Marilyn Wohlberg when contacted about a recent advertisement posted in The Expositor for a casting call. “We have lots of women but we are short of men. So we are looking for men of all ages—young, middle-aged or old.”

As to criteria? “Well we just got a call from a man who just moved here who was very involved in musical theatre that we are very excited about,” she said. “He called us because he saw the advertisement in The Expositor. But you don’t have to have any experience or think you are a great song and dance man. You might be surprised at the talents you have.”

Ms. Wohlberg cites the recruitment of Burns Wharf stalwart Peter Baumgarten as an example.

“Peter has been with us since the very beginning,” she said. “When I first approached him, he got that deer in the headlights look in his eye and said ‘I haven’t ever been on stage.’ He is actually a rather shy person. But I told him I was thinking of him for the romantic lead. He took the plunge and the rest is history. When he is on stage he just takes off.”

Mr. Baumgarten has figured prominently in most, if not all, of the Burns Wharf efforts.

“People might think they have no talent or ability on stage, but you really don’t know until you give it a chance,” said Ms. Wohlberg.

Regular Wednesday evening rehearsals will start in early 2019, with more frequent rehearsals taking place as the show dates draw closer.

Those interested or seeking more information are invited to call Marilyn Wohlberg at 705-859-3808 (lynwood@amtelecom.net); Peter Baumgarten at 705-859-2056 (creativeislandphoto@gmail.com ); or Ray Scott at 705-377-7730 (scottr@rainbowschools.ca).