Burpee and Mills passes budget

EVANSVILLE – Burpee and Mills taxpayers will be happy to hear the news that the municipal council has in regards to this year’s township budget. 

“There will be no increase in the municipal tax rate,” stated Reeve Ken Noland after a council meeting last week. However, he pointed out that in determining an individual property owner’s taxes for the year, “it all depends on what their property has been assessed at by MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation).”

“If you take a look over the past 20 years of the township, there have not been very many years that there has been a (tax) increase in the budget,” said Reeve Noland. He explained that one reason council was able to hold the line this year on taxes is that, “the province reduced our education rate. This means with having the same mil rate as last year we get to keep more of the tax dollars collected to run the township.”

“The province lowered the education rate so for instance in the case of our municipality we get to keep more revenues,” said Reeve Noland.

He added, “we (council) debated if we should raise taxes a little this and next year. Hopefully we won’t get hit too hard by the province next year in terms of what costs are downloaded to municipalities.”