Burpee Mills Golden Age Club donates funds to medical centre

GORE BAY—-A financial donation from the Golden Age Club of Burpee-Mills will be used by the Gore Bay Medical Centre to purchase a new cautery unit.

“The Golden Age Club of Burpee-Mills takes great pleasure in making a donation of $1,500 to the Gore Bay Medical Centre for the purchase of a new cautery unit,” said Penny Palonen, president of the club, in presenting the donation to Dr. Chantelle Wilson at the medical centre on Tuesday.

“We’re very appreciative of this donation. This (cautery unit) is something that we have been anxious to replace,” said Dr. Wilson. She explained the cautery unit is a machine “we use just about every day. It provides a thermoelectric probe to cauterize and remove skin lesions.”

“The present machine needs replacing and, thanks to the Golden Age Club, we can now purchase a new unit,” said Dr. Wilson.

Ms. Palonen said “our club has enjoyed a very successful year helping to run the Sunday morning breakfasts at our community centre. We have had the support of a large number of people from local communities as well as outside visitors to the Island. The breakfasts are run by a dedicated group of up to 40 volunteers who commit their Sunday mornings to cook, serve and clean up. We are very grateful for the efforts and hard work of these volunteers.”

“Many of our local residents use the excellent services provided by the doctors and staff of the Gore Bay Medical Centre,” said Ms. Palonen. “We are pleased to dedicate funding to allow the facility to purchase modern equipment necessary to provide medical services to our community.”

Tom Sasvari