C.C. McLean concert a Christmas delight

GORE BAY—It was a great night of song, dance and music, and no doubt the entertainment put everyone who packed the Charles C. McLean public school gymnasium into the Christmas spirit. The school hosted its Christmas concert for the first time in almost 14 years with great results.

Every class in the school entertained the large crowd on hand during the evening, starting with the Grade 8 class version of the cup song ‘You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m gone,’ and their second musical performance, ‘True Colours.’

The Early Learning class then did two versions of the song ‘Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes,’ one regular and then a rock and roll version, followed by the Grade 2 class performance of ‘Must be Santa.’

The comedy skit ‘A raisin,’ got everyone laughing, and this followed by Grade 1 students singing the gummy bear song.

“That was just great,” stated one pre-school boy in attendance at the concert, to the Grade 3/4 performance of the ‘Little Skidoo.’

It was a dance battle, as the Grade 5/6 class broke up into two groups to demonstrate their dance moves to popular dance songs from as far back as the 1950s up to the present.

The Grade 4/5 class performed the Christmas Carol, while the Grade 7 class performed the new and older version of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to conclude a great night of entertainment.

 Tom Sasvari