C.C.McLean P.S. Colts going Strong!

by Rachael Orford

GORE BAY—So far this winter I have only seen a few snowmen shivering. So what do the snowmen eat to keep them cool? Ice Krispies!

On February 14, the Grade 1 class celebrated the 100th day of school. All of the Grade 1 students wore hats to mark the special day. So who wants to do the math for how many days are left of school?

The final public speaking event was held at the school on Wednesday, February 15. Division winners were: Amara Wilson-Zegil (Primary: Grades 1-3), Mason Leighton (Junior: Grades 4-6); and Malia Leighton (Intermediate: Grades 7-8). These three talented students will be moving on to the next round at the Onaping Falls Legion on February 26. Good luck to everyone!

A chess tournament was held on February 15 at Assiginack Public School. The chess team returned with many wins. A special mention to Nathan Temple who came second in the intermediate division! Great job everyone and thank you to Mrs. Flood!

Grade 7 and 8 students are enjoying the nice winter weather by having a few days off school. Students headed out Wednesday, February 22, to Searchmont Ski Resort in Sault Ste. Marie. Students enjoyed a two-day and two-night ski trip. They left after school on Wednesday and are returning home late Friday night. Everyone got to enjoy the great outdoors and the bowling alley. Hopefully, everyone returns in one piece.

A note to all parents; if you didn’t get your child’s report card on Wednesday, February 22, you have a backpack to dig through. Either that or your child has some explaining to do. Check it out!

For some time now a few girls of all ages have been going to the gym to do gymnastics. Thank you to Ms. Burlein and Mrs. Chapman for watching them at recess as they practice their skills and continue to improve!

The basketball season is underway for both the boys and girls teams. The coaches are Mr. Hachey for the girls and Mr. Smith for the boys. More details to follow.

Upcoming events include skating, pizza day, and an OPP Canine Unit presentation. More details to come when events are closer.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”