C.C.McLean P.S. Colts Going Strong!

by Rachael Orford

I am happy to say that everyone arrived home safe and sound from the ski trip last Friday night! Everyone had such a good time that the Grade 7s are already looking forward to next year’s ski trip. They only have about 11 months to wait!

While some Grade 7 and 8 students enjoyed the ski trip, the few students that stayed behind had lots of fun! On Thursday and Friday afternoon (when it was just some Grade 7 and 8 students with Mr. Smith), they spent the afternoon doing….school work! If you believe that, you are correct!

But they also went to the gym, to play Teacher Dodgeball with Mrs. Jefkins’ 4/5 class!

How many people have heard of the “Creative Colts?” If you have not, it is an art club run by Mrs. Runnalls. A few junior and intermediate students attend the club at first nutrition break. This is where students can create their own unique art. Some tools they can use are water colour paints and paper, special paint brushes, fine tip pens and much more. Students even have their own sketch books!

Some weeks the students can create their own drawings or paintings, or they are given a project to complete. A recent project idea for the students was for them to create a water colour painting of the night sky with certain constellations. Everyone did their Zodiac sign (the time of year they were born). Keep making wonderful pieces of art everyone!

The girls’ and boys’ basketball teams will be going to the Island basketball tournament on March 7. The girls’ team is going to Little Current Public School and the boys’ team is going to Lakeview Public School. Please wish both teams good luck!

Why didn’t Cinderella make the basketball team? She didn’t make the team because she ran away from the ball!

The public speaking competition at the Onaping Falls legion was on February 26. All three of the speakers from our school spoke very well! Amara Wilson-Zegil was third in the primary division and Mason Leighton was first in the junior division.

Upcoming events include skating, an OPP Canine Unit Presentation, and the Island basketball tournament. More details to come when events are closer.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”