C.C. McLean public school Colts going strong

by Rachael Orford

GORE BAY—What kind of flower do you never give on Valentine’s Day? Cauliflower! Yes, everyone needs their vegetables, but we can skip a day!

During the school week, you may have seen a few students dressed in red, pink and white. We all got in the Valentine’s Day spirit!

Other than having a little fun with our fashion choices, speeches are officially over in our school. On Wednesday, February 15, the public speaking in the gym occurred. The division winners were chosen and congratulated by all. Thank you to all for attending and to parents and guardians for helping the students write and prepare their speeches. The winners will be in next week’s column.

Rainbow Schools had a sweater day! On Friday, February 10, our custodian Mr. Panton turned down the heat. This was a fun way for everyone to get informed about climate change. I hope everyone had a sweater! Or were you a little cold?

While some students wore their sweaters, some others wore school jerseys at the IT Day in Lively. All the students had lots of fun! The activities they did included: cooking, welding, carpentry, mousetrap car racing, computer programming (making 30 second videos), math madness, and pig dissection. The students who got to experience the pig dissection said it was smelly, but there was a lot of school spirit!

On Thursday, February 16, students headed out to Assiginack Public School for a chess tournament. Over the past few weeks students went to the library to practice their “ninja” chess skills with Mrs. Flood! These students were from grades 4-8. A total of four students went to Assiginack in each division; Junior (Grade 4-6), and Intermediate (Grades 7 and 8).

Upcoming events include skating and the ski trip. More details to come when events are closer.

Have a safe and happy Family Day!

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”