A call to gather proud Canadian’s memories

Building a people’s perspective

To the Expositor:

We are a small group of Ottawa Valley residents who are seeking to engage with other (so called) “ordinary/average” Canadians to complete “People’s Perspective” project. For the People/by the People).

In other words, we are seeking your help.

I personally have spent much time in hospital this past two years and a friend came to me (while still in hospital) with the idea of re-releasing my song ‘Proud Canadians’ as a tribute for the current Canada 150 celebrations. He then produced a video, posted it on YouTube and launched a grassroots social media campaign that has taken off from there. (Search ‘Lyle Dillabough-Proud Canadians-studio version 2000’ on YouTube.)

While doing an interview recently on a Valley radio station the idea came to me to ask folks across the country to send in copies of their: favourite photos, certificates, ticket stubs, documents, memorabilia, letters, stories and basically anything that can be copied, so we could compile it all into a book entitled ‘Proud Canadians: A People’s Perspective’ (‘Reflections of Canada 150, or something like that.)

A real, real refection of Canadians, authored by Canadians, for Canadians.

What do you think?

We are also presently contacting local museums and historical societies across the country seeking their assistance as well. And response so far is very good.

Before I became ill my travels throughout the country revealed that, in spite of all the advances in technology, many feel more isolated and powerless than ever before in their lives. They feel they no longer matter and everyone and everything is talking down to them.

An undertaking such as this (though small as it might be) serves to remind us all that it is the everyday people who do the work, pay the taxes, fight the wars, care for one another and basically “make it all happen.”

So please do send in your contributions. Remember, the item that you might think is not valuable is likely the very one that we are looking for.

Send your contributions to:

Lyle Dillabough

aka: The “Ottawa Valley Troubadour”
192 Lake Avenue West
Carleton Place, ON
K7C 2M2