A call to stand up for Northern Ontario at the ballot box

Cast your vote in the next election for the new Northern Ontario Party

To the Expositor:

It’s time to stand up Northern Ontario.

The 100 year record of voting at the ballot box for the same political parties for economic development has made no changes to develop our natural resources in Northern Ontario.

The people of Northern Ontario need to think about how they will for the first time vote for the new, Northern Ontario Party, the registered political party for Northern Ontario.

The people of Northern Ontario have the power at the ballot box to stand up and elect 11 Northern Ontario Party members to the Ontario Legislature in the next election that will change Northern Ontario forever and will make your vote count, and makes your vote create the changes to Northern Ontario that we need so badly.

A loud Northern Ontario voice in the Ontario legislature, every day.

To stand up, proud and bold that we will never be treated like a colony, be neglected, be ignored or that our natural resources valued at more than a trillion dollars in the manufactured form be blatantly mismanaged by exporting our natural resources somewhere else to be manufactured and with it the loss of many good jobs.

I ask you to support the principles with your vote at the ballot box in the next Ontario general election.

Let’s get started, I would like to see line ups to get your membership of support to elect 11 Northern Ontario members to Ontario Legislature. Lineups at the 11 Northern Ontario riding associations. 

Why? We love Northern Ontario, we support a manufacturing policy that our natural resources be manufactured to finished products in Northern Ontario to create new jobs that are needed so badly in Northern Ontario.

For more information check out the Northern Ontario Party website.

Thank you,

Edward Deibel

North Bay