Canada Post is making my Expositor later and later

To the Expositor:

I am writing this letter to discuss our great Canada Post.

I was born and raised on the Manitoulin Island, and there is no better place on earth.

I love my Island paper The Expositor. I know every week what is going on down home. I used to always get it in the mail two days after it was published, until four months ago. Now surprise, surprise, It takes six or seven days to arrive.

Today, which is the 18th, I checked my mail and I still haven’t got last week’s paper (March 11).

Canada Post complains that people don’t use their services as much anymore, I wonder why? I don’t have a computer and don’t want one.

Canada Post is a joke and we pay for it.

I hear all our mail from Northern Ontario goes to Toronto to be handled. I guess the big city thinks we are too dumb up here to look after our own mail?

Another of my beefs is politicians. You wouldn’t want to know what I think of them.

Jack Witty

Echo Bay, Ontario