Canadian Mosaic 150 displayed at Campbell Horticultural Society flower show

People of all ages perused the many displays of beautiful flowers at the annual Campbell Horticultural Society Flower Show. photos by Alicia McCutcheon

MINDEMOYA—It was another fantastic showing at the Campbell Horticultural Society’s annual Flower Show, this year with the theme ‘Canadian Mosaic 150.’

This year’s President’s Choice award was won by Camilla Yahnke for her ‘Blue Lake and Rocky Shores’ entry with Ms. Yahnke also taking the Judge’s Choice for her ‘Dominion Sea to Sea to Sea’ entry.

Seija Bailey won the People’s Choice with the most ballots cast for her ‘Canadian Wildlife Design’ entry. The Youth Best of Show was won by Camilla Lubenka for ‘O Canada.’

The most points of show went to: first, a tie between Seija Bailey and Penny Palonen; second, Camilla Yahnke; third, Terry Thompson; and fourth, Dorothy Sloss.

Camilla Yahnke took home the Judge’s Choice Award for this colourful arrangement.

In the flower categories, the following green thumbs were named champions: best dahlia, Carol Lang; best gladioli, Wilda Campbell; best potted tuberous begonia, Wilda Campbell; best lily, Lynda Harper; best in category, any other variety, Marie Sloss; best perennial, Terry Thompson; best rose, Seija Bailey; best geranium, Penny Palonen; best African violet, Wilda Campbell; best house plant, Bev Webster; best outdoor potted plant, Bev Webster; best annual, Seija Bailey; and best vegetable, Penny Palonen.

“Numbers were up from last year,” confirmed Campbell Horticultural Society treasurer Mary White. “We had 21 entrants in the show.”

Ms. White said the displays were very vibrant this year, thanks in part to the cooler temperatures and rain. Last year’s heat and lack of rain made for less colourful displays. “Cooler weather means flowers hang on longer—they keep their brilliance. We definitely had more gladiolas this year.”

Ms. White said Wilda Campbell was the oldest person to make entries this year at age 85. Her husband, 86, volunteered with the event.

“We desperately appreciate and send a great big thank you to the volunteers,’ Ms. White said. “We would love to have more youth for volunteers.”

It was first place for this
Canada 150-themed display.

The Campbell Horticultural Society meets the second Tuesday of every month with the exception of October and December when there are special events. The monthly meetings include guest speakers or instructional sessions and workshops. This year will also include judging workshops.

The membership fee is $10 a year. “This also allows you to enter into the flower show,” Ms. White adds.

To join the Campbell Horticultural Society, contact President Carol Lang at 705-282-2782.