Captain Jeff Caselton of Manitowaning shares his military story

Soldier returns to home community for Remembrance Day

PETAWAWA—Twenty-seven-year-old Captain Jeff Caselton of Manitowaning joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2006.

“It was something I always wanted to do,” said Captain Caselton of his decision to join the military. “My father (John Caselton) served in the (Royal Canadian) Navy and my uncle is a lieutenant colonel.”

Mr. Caselton, an infantry officer, started his service in the 3rd Battalion with the Royal Canadian Regiment at Garrison Petawawa (the largest military base in Canada).

He told The Expositor that his favourite time with the military was with the 3rd Battalion as a platoon commander.

“It is rewarding working with soldiers and non-commission officers,” shared Captain Caselton. “

Recently, Captain Caselton returned from a year-long tour in Israel’s West Bank, his first tour.

He explained the tour was a joint liaison mission between the Israeli government, Canada, the United States and Britain.

“We were there on behalf of the Israeli government to help the Palestinians build security infrastructure in an effort to help make them a viable partner for Israel,” Captain Caselton explained.

During his tour he served as the executive assistant to the Canadian general task force commander and lived in Israel, dressed in civilian clothing.

Of his time in the armed forces, Captain Caselton said it has been “a privilege to serve my country.”

Captain Caselton is currently on leave for Remembrance Day, a first for the Islander who will be returning to Manitowaning to attend the November 11 ceremonies in his hometown.

“Remembrance Day is a day to reflect back on the individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” the captain shared.

“We are so proud of Jeff,” said his parents Colleen and John Caselton. “It is wonderful that he will be coming home for Remembrance Day.”