Carmen Walker and family continue tradition of giving

Gloria Hall, activities co-ordinator at the Manitoulin Lodge in Gore Bay, left, is presented with a cheque by Carmen Walker, a resident of the Lodge, on behalf of her family.

GORE BAY – Carmen Walker and family have continued their tradition of making a financial gift donation to others at Christmas. 

The Carmen Walker and family annual Christmas donations, in lieu of a gift exchange, were made last week. Donations remained local, with the family largesse going to the Manitoulin Lodge Auxiliary and Manitoulin Lodge Angel Bus.

“We have done this for years,” said Carmen Walker’s daughter Gwen McDonald. She told the Recorder that for a number of years the family has made monetary Christmas donations to those in the community in lieu of having a gift exchange among family members.

“We hope this might encourage people to support locally as well,” said Ms. McDonald. “I’m sure people are looking at what to do for Christmas, and what to buy for presents; maybe they will decide to switch and do what we have done. We just want to provide food for thought for people.”