Catch the Ace ends tonight

One lucky person will walk away with close to $30,000

MANITOULIN—Tonight, Wednesday, September 25, will mark the final week for the Little Current Lions Club’s current progressive jackpot ‘Catch The Ace’ game will see one person walk away with close to $30,000.

As tonight is week 20, and as the ace as yet to be caught, it will be the final week of the 20 week license and the jackpot must be won.

Procedures for tonight’s draw are slightly different from previous weeks. This week, there will be no preselected envelope number for the draw.

The draw will be held at 8 pm sharp at the Little Current Royal Canadian Legion.

“We will draw one ticket stub from the drum, and this is the only ‘draw’ prize winner of this draw,” explains a press release from the Little Current Lions Club. “No further prizes will be awarded until the ace of spades is selected. We will then choose the lowest remaining envelope number on the board. This envelop will be opened on behalf of this draw prize winner. Should it hold the ace of spades, the winner will receive the progressive jackpot as well. This license will then be completed.”

“However, if it does not hold the ace of spades, we will then draw one more ticket stub from the drum,” continued the release. “No prize will be awarded. This will be an opportunity to win only the progressive jackpot. Once the ticket is drawn from the drum and an envelop has been chosen, both ticket and envelope are eliminated. If there is no winter, the club will select the next lowest available envelope (by number) remaining on the board and this envelope will be opened on behalf of the next ticket drawn and it will be that person’s chance at the progressive jackpot. This procedure will be repeated, another ticket drawn and the next envelope opened, until the ace of spades is selected and that lucky ticket holder wins the progressive jackpot.”

“The response for Catch the Ace has just been unbelievable,” said Little Current Lions Club President Bruce Burnett. “It has just gone way beyond what we thought. We sold out of tickets last Friday morning.”

Mr. Burnett said that the Lions will be hosting a pre-draw celebration at the Little Current Legion at 7:30 pm tonight (Wednesday, September 27) with a cheese and meat plate and coffee and tea.

“We hope the winner will be in attendance so we can hand them the cheque on the spot,” said Mr. Burnett. “We are very excited tonight and hope that lots of people are able to come out or tune in online (the draw is livestreamed on the Lion’s Facebook page.”

Following tonight’s draw, there will be a one-week break before the next Catch the Ace game starts.

“We are looking into something different for the next one,” said Mr. Burnett. “We are having a meeting tonight (Monday, September 25) and will announce the new draw on Wednesday night. Tickets for the next Catch the Ace are on sale now!