Central Manitoulin Council Notes

Water, Waste and Education Committee

A motion by Councillor MacDonald and Mayor Richard Stephens to accept the tender submitted by Calvin Pearson and Son Excavation and Haulage Ltd. for the Big Lake Waste Disposal Site Closure in the amount of $78,405 excluding HST was accepted by council.

In supporting the motion, Councillor Derek Stephens said, “They closed Sandfield and did an excellent job.” Councillor Scott asked if there was to be any haulage going out and the town clerk assured him that there was not.

Councillors Taylor and MacDonald recommended that the year to date financial report ending May 31, 2016 for the Water, Waste and Education Committee be accepted and was approved as presented by council.

The acceptance of the Discovery Board Minutes of May 16, 2016 was moved by Councillor MacDonald and Mayor Stephens and approved by council.

The committee, as set out in a motion by Mayor Stephens and Councillor Baran, recommended to council to consider in the 2017 budget the updating of the sign on the Discovery Centre building to reflect its rebranding. Councillor Baran stated that the cost of the sign would be $1,100 to $1,200 and that that seemed outside of the budget and was therefore felt that it should go to 2017 and get a requite at the appropriate time.

Councillor Scott asked if this would be a permanent name to which the town clerk replied in the affirmative. He also asked, “Why the name change?” to which Councillor Derek Stephens replied that all the displays had been updated and everything was changed, and that the Interpretive Centre, as it had been called, was completely redone.

Council accepted the motion.

It was recommended to council, moved by Mayor Stephens and Councillor MacDonald, and approved by council that Roxanne Reid and Mary Jo Gordon be appointed as members of the Discovery Centre Board.

Councillor Baran and Mayor Stephens recommended that council consider in the 2017 budget a summer student position for the Providence Bay Spring Bay Historical Preservation Society similar to the positions council provides for the Central Manitoulin Historical Society for half days. Councillor Stephens made the comment that the volunteers really do good work, that they just need some help, and that the half day would really help them.

Roads Committee

Councillors Stephens and Taylor recommended to council that C. Pearson and Son be awarded the tender for 900 cu. m. of Class 2 Aggregate for the unit price of $17.12 for a total of $15,408.00 and 200 cu. m. of HL 3 Aggregate for the unit price of $20.49 for a total of $4,098.00, both plus HST of $2,535.78 for a total contract price of $22,041.78. The motion was approved by council.


Mayor Stephens noted that for the last number of years council has excluded the month of July from council and committee meetings and that they will endeavour to do that again this year, barring any emergencies.

Mayor Stephens also noted that the strategic plan meeting held to garner input from the Central Manitoulin communities was a fantastic get together and he is sure that they can achieve a plan that is measurable and attainable. “There were a number of things that had been accomplished in the previous five years,” he noted, while Councillor Stephens said, “The next five years will be exciting.” 

Councillor Taylor offered a thank you to council on behalf of those who use the Central Manitoulin Cenotaph for the work that is done there. “They are very grateful for the help from Central Manitoulin,” he stated.