Central Manitoulin Council Notes

Property Committee

It was recommended to council to approve the request for an agreement in principle with Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates (MICA) to provide a bike share docking station in Mindemoya and in Providence Bay with a mix of electric and regular bikes and to hereby assure the funder that the Municipality of Central Manitoulin will provide the space for a minimum of five years. 

Council will direct the CAO/clerk to write a letter to the Manitoulin Snowdusters Club requesting that the Providence Bay entry sign that was damaged by the trail groomer this past winter be repaired to its original condition.

The recommendation to council to proceed with the purchase of a new arena chiller at an estimated cost of $60,000 with its installation location to be determined later was accepted. This was with the proviso that the chiller could go to either the Mindemoya or Providence Bay arena. Councillor Stephen said that he was opposed to this motion as it was originally a safety item regarding the chillers and that he is in favour of buying two chillers. 

“I understand your concern about exploding ammonia and death,” Councillor Al Tribinevicius replied, “but proof? Is it more than 20 years old?” to which Councillor Stephens said both chillers are over 20 years old. The CAO/clerk remarked that Metal Air recommends that the chillers be replaced every 20 years. 

“Nothing is that exact,” Councillor Angela Johnston said in response. “Maybe give or take one or two years. Maybe revisit when we find out if both arenas will be open.” 

Councillor Stephens asked for a recorded vote on the motion. He was opposed with the rest of council carrying the motion. 

(Three arena workers were killed in British Columbia in 2017 when a tiny hole in one of chiller tubes allowed pressurized ammonia to seep into liquid, bursting the pipe and allowing copious amounts of the deadly gas to escape. Technical Safety B.C. put the life of the chillers at 20 to 25 years.)

Council will support the two-year contract renewal option for the in-house/on-call electrician and plumber contracts between the municipality and Henderson Electric and Bond’s Plumbing.

The recommendation to accept the draft of the strategic asset management policy was approved with Councillor Steve Shaffer saying, “We have our work cut out for us going forward. I attended a workshop on this.”

Council has approved the resolution to join the FCM-ICLEI Partners for Climate Protection program (PCP) which is a network of Canadian municipalities that have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and acting on climate change. PCP is a partnership between the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada.

Finance and Economic Development Committee

Council will support the youth sailing program and further, that Bryce Mastelko will work with the Economic Development officer (EDO) to distribute the program information. “This is a good program if we can get it to Mindemoya,” Councillor Stephens noted. “It will go well with our swimming program.”

Three CIP applications came before council. The Community Improvement Planning (CIP), initiated by the provincial government, allows that municipal councils may determine that improvement within a designated community improvement project area may be desirable because of “age, dilapidation, overcrowding, faulty arrangement, unsuitability of buildings, or for any other environmental, social or community economic development reason.”

The recommendation to council, which was  approved, was that the CIP application (Manitoulin Chiropractic Clinic) be deferred until the completion of the planned sidewalk work on Highway 551 and $2,000.00 set aside.

Council approved CIP application 2019-03 (Pro-Gas Energy Services) for the amount of $5,000.

Council approved the CIP application 2019-05 (2647424) Ontario Ltd. for the amount of $5,000.

Council accepted the recommendation that bylaw 2019-05, being a bylaw to adopt the estimates of all sums required, confirm the tax ratios to be used and apply the rates of taxation for 2019 be given its three readings and be duly passed

Council will co-ordinate a meeting with Bob Barnett of the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC) regarding the Wagg’s Wood property. Councillor Stephens did not see the need for this, saying, “we made our offer, they haven’t countered, so what is going to change.” Councillor Johnston agreed, saying, “I think the same. I would like to see us work with our community to do something with the property ourselves.”

Safety, Security and Health Committee

Council will send a member of staff to the seminars provided by the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention (CMNCP) to be held June 5.

The recommendation to council that Keith Johnson’s and Laura Rivers-Young’s applications to the fire department were accepted. “Nice to see another young lady joining the ranks,” Mayor Stephens commented. “There are three now on the roster.”