Central Manitoulin Council Notes

Property Committee

Council will postpone a decision on the future maintenance of the Old School parkette pond until after a decision regarding that facility has been made.

Two motions that were recommended to council failed. The first was to accept the structural inspection report from Tulloch Engineering for the J.H. Burt Memorial Arena and to proceed with the tendering process for the planned repairs at an estimated cost of $30,000. The second motion was to direct the CAO/clerk to proceed with the installation of the newly purchased chiller at the aforementioned arena.

Council accepted the recommendation to move further discussions regarding municipal green spaces, including the possible development of Wagg’s Woods to the property committee. In the discussion, Councillor Derek Stephens said that a definitive answer was needed regarding the EBC. Councillor Angela Johnston agreed, saying, “Council needs to make a statement so we don’t have a group at every meeting.” To this, Mayor Stephens said that council likes it when people attend the meetings.

Finance and Economic Development 


The committee recommendation that council accepts the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) report regarding the municipal debt repayment limit was accepted. Municipalities borrow money that is used for capital projects and that is paid back with interest. The Annual Repayment Limit (ARL) is summarized as the maximum amount the municipality can pay in principal and interest payments in the year for new long-term debt without first obtaining approval from the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

Council accepted the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) report regarding the Gas Tax five-year funding schedule. As outlined by the AMO, the federal gas tax fund is a permanent source of funding for municipal infrastructure. It is predictable, long-term and stable and is helping Ontario’s municipal governments address a massive, province-wide infrastructure deficit while improving environmental sustainability and creating jobs and economic growth. The 2019 federal budget increased funding to municipal priorities including a $2.2 billion top-up for this fund to double funding to municipal governments this year for rural and northern broadband expansion with the goal of connecting every Canadian to high-speed services by 2030 and $1 billion to help municipal governments to improve energy efficiency in municipal facilities, commercial and residential properties.

Council accepted the July minutes of the Manitoulin Planning Board, the Mindemoya Old School feasibility study meeting and Tulloch MODRC briefing report. It was also accepted that council request the final report from Tulloch/Axiom Management Consulting regarding the Mindemoya Old School feasibility study for consideration at the next Finance/Economic Development (FED) meeting

Safety, Security and Health Committee

Mayor Stephens will attend the Community Safety and Wellness Plan workshop to be held in Sudbury September 12.

Council will send a letter to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) requesting a correction of the position of the no parking signage at the corner in front of Island Outfitters

New Business

Councillor Steven Shaffer filed a notice of motion stating that council proceed with the hazardous materials study for the Mindemoya Old School building, to a maximum amount of $5,200–approximate–and further, that the study be completed as soon as possible. Councillor Stephens was opposed to this, saying, “This building seems to be costing us a lot of money. We could have torn it down for $30,000. To this, CAO/Clerk Ruth Frawley responded by saying that 90 percent of the monies requested for the study would be paid by FedNor and Councillor Johnston said, “We have to do this study no matter what.”