Central Manitoulin Council Notes

Road Committee

Council has accepted the recommendation that the municipality retain Wally Beck of Transit Consulting Network on behalf of the United Manitoulin Island Transportation (UMIT) group to assist in carrying out the transit service implementation as proposed under the Community Transportation grant.

The recommendation to council that bylaw 2020-07, being a bylaw to authorize the mayor and CAO/clerk to sign Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) agreement for funding of the Union Road bridge replacement, be given its three readings and duly passed.

Property Committee

Philip Evans, an architect with the firm ERA Architects, was allowed access to the Mindemoya Old School for inspection on behalf of community members. Councillor Derek Stephens voiced his objection to this and said that if the school is turned into an historical building it curtails what can be done with the building and “puts the kibosh” to the planned sports facility. 

Councillor Dale Scott responded, saying, “The building will not be historical if we say it is not historical.” Councillor Al Tribinevicius took part in the walk-through of the Old School and said, “We just had a good look at the building. A sad impression. It gives me an idea of what it would take to get it going again. 

“Money for renovations,” Mayor Stephens said, with Councillor Scott saying that one could say it is a significant building, but that is a far cry from applying to the government for accreditation.

Council passed a motion to purchase a half-page advertisement in ‘This Is Manitoulin’ magazine.

Finance and Economic Development Committee

The municipality will ask to be provided with a letter from a licenced surveyor confirming that the location of the tool shed on 467 Lake Huron Drive is within the property boundaries.

Safety, Security and Health Committee

Council has accepted the Manitoulin Municipal Association (MMA) community safety planning committee terms of reference draft, executive summary and questionnaire. The committee is working as one Island-wide group. Councillor Steven Shaffer told council that this is a work in progress and members will be meeting in February.

A request to implement a winter walking program as outlined in a memo from Marcus Mohr, the community development outreach officer, has been accepted by council. The program will take place in the Mindemoya community hall and Councillor Scott questioned the need for a waiver as the building is not accessible. 

Councillor Shaffer said that this program is an extension of the walking program that people are currently doing at the Mindemoya Missionary Church to which Councillor Scott said that about half the people in that program would not be able to access the hall. 

Councillor Stephens asked if the program was regularly scheduled and the clerk answered in the affirmative and said, “So no rentals while this is going on.” Councillor Shaffer, however, stated that the people participating in the walking program were asked about rentals of the hall and they are willing to be bumped. 

Councillor Scott was taken aback that the extension of the walking program did not see the members use the church. “I am a little surprised of why they didn’t just keep the church.”

Notice of Motion – Mayor Stephens

Mayor Stephens put forth a motion that council approves the establishment of a climate action committee as recommended by the municipal climate change coordinator. This group would be a sub-committee of the property committee and would report to the same. 

A second motion was that council accept the offer of three metal bike racks from the Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates (MICA) with the municipality being responsible for their installation, including a concrete pad for each one. One rack will be installed at each of the Sandfield dock, the Mindemoya public beach and Stanley Park public beach areas.