Central Manitoulin councillors are only concerned with their own agenda

To the Expositor:

This is an open letter to the ratepayers of Sandfield (Ward 3 in the Municipality of Central Manitoulin).

In light of recent events surrounding the filling of the vacancy for the Ward 3 councillor position, I felt compelled to respond and propose a solution to insure that in the future the majority voice of Sandfield ratepayers cannot be simply ignored by councillors on Central Manitoulin council who are only concerned with their own agendas.

Councillors Derek Stephens, Gloria Haner and Patricia MacDonald should be ashamed of themselves for blocking our ratepayers’ right to a very basic democratic right: an electoral process to have the representation of their choice.

Worse than that was the action of councillor Bev Pearson-Trainor, the Ward 3 councillor who ignored the wishes of the very residents she is supposed to be representing.

These acts make it ever more clear that (and many of us have already started to see this) Sandfield residents are being treated as third class citizens by this council.

I feel that we have no choice but to act now to ensure that we have proper representation.

I call on all ratepayers in Sandfield to form a ratepayers association for this ward. We will have strength in numbers that will transform into one very strong voice in the council chambers!

Thank You.

Carol Middaugh
Big Lake

PS: There is a petition circulating that can be signed at D.A. Williamson and Sons, the Guardian drugstore and at the LCBO in the Island Foodland.