Central Manitoulin modernizes the town’s purchasing policy and codes of conduct

CENTRAL MANITOULIN – It has been nearly two decades since the Municipality of Central Manitoulin last updated its purchasing policy. Council passed a motion, moved by Councillor Derek Stephens and seconded by Councillor Rose Diebolt, that “Bylaw 2021-18 (purchasing policy), being a bylaw to repeal Bylaws 2002-29 (purchasing policy) and 2002-17 (tendering bylaw) and to set out a new purchasing/procurement policy be given its three readings and be duly passed.”

The new purchasing policy was passed to reflect the changing nature of costs that have taken place over the intervening 18 years since the last policy was enacted.

The new policy requires that if a project will fall between $20,000 and $50,000 it will require three quotes, while a project between $5,000 and $20,000 will require a documented telephone inquiry with three suppliers. Under $5,000 will not require a tendering process.

As the formal tendering process can be long and involved, staff requested that the amounts be raised to reflect the reality of the marketplace.

The new purchasing policy will impact items that fall outside of specific budget lines. It also outlines the process whereby preferred vendors are established for ongoing issues such as legal matters.