Central Manitoulin Notes

Municipal offices closed December 27

A motion was passed to close the municipal offices on December 27 and allowing staff to use accumulated overtime to offset the day off during the holiday season.

“We felt it was a good option for staff to use up the time they have accumulated,” said Councillor Patricia MacDonald.

“I thought staff had requested this and we had agreed,” said Councillor Gloria Haner. Staff confirmed that this was the case.

Cheque register passed

Council passed the recommendation of the Administration and Finance committee that the council accept the September cheque register in the amount of $803,141.42 moved by Councillor Patrica McDonald and Councillor Ted Taylor. The motion passed without discussion.

Financial reports accepted

Councillor Patricia McDonald and Councillor Gloria Haner moved that the council accept the financial reports as presented. The motion was passed without discussion.

Student fund supported

Council approved a motion, moved by Councillor Patricia McDonald and seconded by Councillor Beverly Cannard Pearson, that the municipality donate $200 per ward to the Manitoulin Secondary School Student Aid Fund.

“This is something that we have been doing throughout our term,” said Councillor McDonald. “We decided that this is something we wish to continue to do.”

Economic Development operating budget to be reviewed

Council supported a motion to forward the 2014 Economic Development Operating Expenses Budget to the committee of the whole for review.

Island Cycling Advocates costs defrayed

Council passed a motion moved by Councillor Beverly Cannard Pearson and seconded by Councillor Gloria Haner to contribute $250 to the Manitoulin Cycling Advocates to help defray the costs of attending the 28th Annual International Bike Show in 2014, provided funds are available.

CAO Ruth Frawley indicated that there were funds available in the relevant line item.

“They really have been promoting cycling,” noted Councillor Derek Stephens.