Charles C. McLean students work with Dean’s Valu-Mart to benefit Manitoulin Food Bank

GORE BAY – The tremendous efforts of a group of students at Charles C. McLean Elementary School and Dean’s Valu-Mart, both in Gore Bay, will directly help the Manitoulin Food Bank.

For at least 11 years now, students at C.C. McLean have made handmade Christmas tree ornaments that can be purchased by customers at the store. The decorations are then placed on the Christmas tree in the store. All funds raised from the sale of the decorations go to the local food bank.

C.C. McLean teacher Colleen Vander Weerden and her 31 students in JK/SK presented the Christmas tree decorations to the store last week. 

“The students have been working very hard and have made 500 decorations so far, and will make more,” Ms. Vander Weerden said.

When asked by Shirley Moss of Dean’s why the students have been so busy making decorations and what group it is going to support, one of the students noted, “the food bank.”

Ms. Moss told the students, “for a long time now your school has helped out at this time of the year. The tree will be really, really full with all the beautiful Christmas decorations you have made for us. And sales of the decorations will help the food bank.” 

“We want to thank all of you for being a very big help to us, the food bank and helping the community. This is fantastic,” stated Ms. Moss. 

Store staff presented the students with juice and candy for all their efforts.