Children’s Community Services to leave Little Current Post Office but stay in town, says org. rep

LITTLE CURRENT—Children’s Community Services will be moving from their present Little Current Post Office location soon, but a representative for the organization says the service will remain it Little Current.

“We are in the midst of discussions with the municipality (the Northeast Town),” said Director of Corporate Services for Child and Family Centre Don Malette. “No formal decisions have been made, but the municipality has provided notice that, for their own reasons, they will be seeking our currently occupied office space (in the Little Current Post Office building at 14 Water Street).”

Mr. Malette further explained that although the municipality has provided the organization with notice, they are working with Children’s Community Services to help them find a new office space in Little Current.

“The municipality has been actively helping us seek another facility in Little Current,” continued Mr. Malette. “Our lease is up mid-May, but the municipality realizes that it my take some time for us to find a new location and is working with us.”

The Expositor received an anonymous letter last month which stated, “Town of NEMI (the Northeast Town) does not like children. They have given Children Services six weeks notice to vacate their offices.”

In regards to the letter, Mr. Malette responded, “That is certainly not the impression I was left with during my dealings with the municipal contact Dave Williamson.”

“We would prefer to stay in our current office, but we understand they require the additional facilities and, as I said, they are working with us to help us find a new office space.”

The Northeast Town recently renovated a large portion of the Little Current Post Office, creating the new Artisan Incubator and Technology Centre and town office, moving from its old location on Manitowaning Road.

Town CAO Dave Williamson explained to The Expositor that the municipality needed additional office space in the post office, leading to discussions with Children’s Community Services to find a new office.

“We really need the additional office space downstairs (currently occupied by Children’s Community Services) to create a space for students or interns and for the artisan incubator centre,” said Mr. Williamson. “We also require the additional space upstairs for offices for public works and the events coordinator. It’s about improving efficiency and service for the public.”

“We have been working with Children’s Community Services to find them a new space,” continued Mr. Williamson. “They provide a great service and are important to our community. We are currently looking at options.”

The Little Current Business Improvement Area (BIA) was pleased to hear that the organization would be remaining in the community, as chair Debby Turner explained that the organization not only provides an integral service, but also foot-traffic to downtown businesses.