Clinics are too easy to close

A sincere thanks for the “Gift of Life”

To the Expositor:

Thank you for giving prominence to the regrettable decision to cease running blood donor clinics on the Island. Centralized planning has resulted in similar situations across the country citing cost containment and diminished demand by the hospitals.

Such clinics are very easy to close but far more difficult to build or rekindle. They require donors, volunteers and community spirit—things that are priceless. Decisions taken with the assumption that current trends will continue ignore the fact that national disasters do occur and that we cannot take the present ease of transportation for granted. Surely most of us have lived through times when there have been substantial fluctuations and breakdowns and it is then that we require the seeds of local organizations on which to build.

In closing, may I join others in sincerely thanking all who have freely given their time, effort and even their blood in a spirit of good will to helping those less fortunate. And may we hope that when the time comes, there will be sufficient numbers of community minded individuals available to fill their shoes.

Jim Strong

White’s Point