Coast Guard makes repairs to South Baymouth light following storm damage

A Coast Guard helicopter made an appearance in South Baymouth last week.

 BAYMOUTH – On September 16, a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter transported crew to the  lighthouse to assess aids to navigation equipment and carry out maintenance following a recent storm in the area. The Coast Guard uses aids to navigation to help mariners confirm their positions, stay inside navigable channels and avoid marine hazards. 

The Coast Guard uses approximately 17,000 short-range aids to navigation, such as buoys, leading marks (ranges) and position confirmation lights.

The recent work at the South Baymouth lighthouse included: an assessment of equipment at the location; basic repairs to provide protection from the elements (including weather, wildlife, etc.); and photographing and taking measurements for planning purposes such as future repairs and/or construction, new equipment, etc.

The damage to the lighthouse is mostly cosmetic, and it remains fully operational, however the Coast Guard has issued a navigational warning until repairs are complete.