More communities join hiring of Western EDO

GORE BAY—The final work is being done on the funding application to be forwarded to the government for the proposed hiring of an economic development officer for Western Manitoulin.

“As we speak we are working on the final application for funding,” said Mike Addison, general manager of Lacloche-Manitoulin Business Assistance Corporation (LAMBAC), this past weekend. He pointed out positive responses of support to be a participant have come from municipalities on the West End of the Island, including both Dawson and Robinson townships. Although a formal motion to be a participant has not been forwarded by Sheshegwaning First Nation, Mr. Addison said he will be contacting the community this week and fully expects they will be a participant in the program.

“Once we have the application done, then we will be meeting with everyone to look at the application to see if any changes need to be made and get everyone’s approval,” said Mr. Addison. “Then the funding application will be submitted.”

Mr. Addison explained, “we’ve been doing all the background work required for the funding application. At the upcoming meeting everyone will have the opportunity to look at the application and, as part of the process, each community will have to put forward their voting structure and funding arrangement. He noted it has been put forward that there be one vote per community, and if funding is approved for the western EDO, the municipalities and First Nations involved in the program will have to come up with 10 percent of the total cost of hiring an EDO.

A meeting of all participating municipalities and First Nations to fund the application is expected to be held as soon as next week.