Community Event: Celebrate the Moon Party

Looking for something to do this Thanksgiving with your friends and family? Join us at Gordon’s Park on Manitoulin Island for our Celebrate the Moon Party from October 6th-9th , where we will astonish you with the beauty of our nearest celestial body and the history behind it.

We will start the weekend off with a Welcome Wine and Cheese Campfire on Friday to get to know your fellow moon-gazers who are also camping the our RASC designated Dark Sky Preserve. Following the campfire will be a Public Astronomy Night and Moon Watch. Here you will learn about the wonders of the night sky and the moon, look through the park’s 8” Dobsonian Telescope and wide angled binoculars as well as see a laser guided sky tour.

Saturday will leave you with the day to explore the island before meeting up again at the park for the Potluck Dinner; turkey anyone? When bellies are full, we will participate in a traditional Grandmother Moon Teachings ceremony. Ladies need to make sure they wear a long skirt or a blanket as per ceremony tradition. Once again, we will finish the night off with a Public Astronomy Night and Moon Watch to learn more about the lava plains and mountainous regions of the moon.

Sleep in on Sunday and enjoy the colours of fall by hiking our trails, taking a drive or just relaxing around the park before joining together in the evening for a guided Moonlight Hike. Here you will learn not only about the moon but about the animals of the night around the park and much more. When you think you have learned all you can know about the moon, you will be surprised that there is still more to learn at the Public Astronomy and Moon Watch, such as where the first moon landing was.

Don’t miss out on these experiences of a lifetime – call 705-859-2470 now to register, e-mail for more information or visit the website at, and find the park on Facebook at