Community support allows Lions Club to continue operations

Gore Bay-Western Manitoulin Lions Club

GORE BAY—Thanks to the support of the community and new members stepping forward, the Gore Bay-Western Manitoulin Lions Club will continue to operate as a club.

“It was good a good meeting, we had four people come forward to be new members of the club, and another called to indicate their interest as well,” said Steve Gumb, president of the Lions Club, after a public meeting last week in Gore Bay. “They all had a good idea of our organization and what our club does. I think they are going to be good members.”

Mr. Gumb noted the Lions meeting had a Lions zone representative in attendance, who helped out as well and encouraged the club to continue operating. Club member Wilma Rupert will take on the duties of secretary on a temporary basis, and Miriam Wailes will be taking over as president of the Lions for the next year, with Mr. Gumb helping out until July, when the transfer of the administration takes place. Lion Larry Hunter will be remaining on as club treasurer.

“If we can get two people to take on the duties of secretary for Ms. Rupert (for the next year), we will be in good shape,” said Mr. Gumb. He said the club will be meeting again in April to confirm it is going to continue its operations.

As reported recently, the club indicated it would soon be disbanding if membership could not be increased in the next few months. The club is always open to both men and women coming forward who would like to be members of the club. And they are always willing to take on young people to help out with club activities, who are looking to build up the number of hours they need, 40, to obtain their high school diploma.

The Lions Club is organizing its annual general meeting for June 13 at G.G.’s Restaurant in Evansville and will be inviting other service clubs and organizations from around the Island to attend.

“We’re going to be holding our annual Lionsfest celebrations in July and we will be participating a little  in Canada Day celebrations, and hosting a school class reunion dinner in Gore Bay this summer,” said Mr. Gumb.