Congratulations to Providence Bay on revitalization process

To the Expositor:

As a life-long lover of Manitoulin Island, I was pleased to read about Providence Bay looking at ways to enhance its economy (‘Providence Bay: A quiet town with a beautiful beach where report lists opportunities, page 1, February 29).

Beginning by identifying the community’s potential assets is a great starting place. Providence Bay has such a wonderful character. I would encourage community members to catalogue favourite sites besides the beach and determine now that future developments will enhance, or leave undisturbed, these existing places that are part of what makes it such a wonderful place to live.

I recently happened across the website (American spelling) and it reminded me of the article on Providence Bay. There is excellent information on this site about developing and revitalizing neighbourhoods while retaining the beauty of the land and already existing urban elements. More detail can be found at the parent site or in the book by the same name, by Christopher Alexander.

As the weather here in BC clears, I am drawing up plans to implement these same principles in my own home and engage my small community in the process as well.

Providence Bay holds a special place in my heart, and the beach there beats all others I’ve visited around the world. Many blessings as you continue the process of creating an even stronger neighbourhood.


Quinn Friesen, permaculture designer

Robson, BC