Construction continues on Gore Bay housing building

The second unit of a four-unit housing dwelling in Gore Bay arrived recently. Work is continuing on the units which are in close proximately to the East Street Hill and the Inn at Gore Bay.

GORE BAY – The second unit of the four-unit dwelling being constructed within Gore Bay is now in place and work has begun on it as well. 

“It’s all moving along well,” stated Jeff Gilmore of Martian Properties recently. “The second unit has arrived and has been put in place, and siding has been put on it already (with the work being carried out by Quality Homes).”
“Work will continue on providing power, sewer and water on the two units over the next few weeks,” said Mr. Gilmore.

Each building unit will have one two-bedroom and one three-bedroom (apartment) and each building will be 82 feet long and 28 feet wide.

The housing units will be offered for rent. A zoning bylaw amendment had been approved by Gore Bay council in September 2019. The application had been made by Mr. Gilmore on behalf of Martian Properties Inc. to allow for a second four-unit dwelling in the general commercial zone. No details have been determined as to when or if a second four-unit multiple dwelling will be constructed at that location. 

The units are being constructed on the way into the Inn at Gore Bay, on the east side. It is located about 50 yards from the area of East Street that goes up the hill.

Mr. Gilmore had explained to council at the meeting in September, “the reason we are looking for a zoning amendment is that the property is currently zoned general commercial which does not allow full kitchen facilities in each unit. We want this in place so that families and those wanting to rent the units will have (full kitchen facilities) in their unit.” There is capacity for a sewer system.

There will be ample parking at the building unit and the units will not have garages attached to them.