Council appoints former mayor as part-time building official

CENTRAL MANITOULIN – On a recommendation from Central Manitoulin’s office and administration committee, a motion to hire former mayor Gerry Strong as an associate chief building official under a three-month contract at approximately 10 hours per week to review building department files for completion was moved by Councillor Derek Stephens and seconded by Councillor Angela Johnston following a closed session of council.

The debate on the motion was moved in camera at the beginning of the November 26 meeting of council held by videoconference over Zoom in a motion by Councillor Derek Stephens, seconded by Councillor Dale Scott under the “identifiable individual” provision.

Following the closed session, a recorded vote on the motion was requested by the mayor. In favour of the motion were Councillors Rose Diebolt, Dale Scott, Angela Johnston and Derek Stephens. Opposed to the motion was Mayor Stephens.