Council calls on MTO for horse and buggy signs


CENTRAL MANITOULIN—A recommendation from the Safety, Security and Health Committee prompted council to request that the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) install horse and buggy signage to provincial roads, starting with the top and bottom of Highway 542 at Cooper’s Road and further that the municipality consider putting them on municipal roads.

The motion was moved by Councillor Derek Stephens and seconded by Councillor Linda Farquhar. 

“We are getting a lot more horse and buggies on our roads,” noted Councillor Stephens. “I counted as many as 11 buggies on the way home. It was a Saturday.”

“Are we leaving the municipal signs up to our roads staff?” asked Councillor Steve Shaffer. 

“We are going to take it back to roads and see what our roads superintendent thinks about it,” said Mayor Richard Stephens.

The motion passed unanimously.