Council disappoints

Theatre group deserves support

To the Expositor:

I am disappointed in the recent thoughts of the Assiginack Township council. According to the report in the Expositor, the Burn’s Wharf Theatre Players were asking council to assist them in obtaining funding. This is not asking for money; this is allowing them to seek their own money.

Their attendance figures have proven that this group have brought enjoyment to local people, other Islanders and to summer visitors. It has enlarged the experiences of the actors, singers, workers and volunteers.  It is an attraction that our village presents on a professional scale. It is hard to imagine any reason why it should be discouraged.  

The citizens of Assiginack were given a questionnaire recently and the top response of desired expenditures was to support the needs of the Burn’s Wharf Theatre and get it back in operation. In fact, there was a second survey—it showed the same wish by the citizens of the Township. Sounds democratic. I think that would have meant something to the elected body.

Our township must develop and grow; it must survive by attracting business and industry and a life style that is as good or better than other areas. We have a lot of assets but we can’t have development without council at least giving the moral encouragement to groups who work for these very same ideals. 

Jane Tilston