Council takes step forward on operations of golf course

Tom Sasvari

The Recorder

GORDON—While it is still waiting for the final go ahead from its legal counsel for the transfer of the Manitoulin Island Country Club (MICC), Gordon/Barrie Island council has taken some necessary steps to prepare for the municipality’s takeover of operations of the golf course.

“Some questions and things needed to be done now while we wait word from our legal people,” said Jack Brady, reeve of Gordon/Barrie Island in an interview with the Recorder last week. “And we got together with some representatives of the golf board and further to a meeting of council some resolutions have been made with respect to operational items at the golf course.”

“Council and MICC board representatives are moving toward the goal to have a successful transition,” said Mr. Brady. He explained for the current representation, council has passed a motion to have three MICC representatives (Heather Hall, Brian Bainborough and George Purvis) and three representatives of council, Mr. Brady, Bob Glasgow and one being a community member at large.

“A review of the rates and fees will show a five percent increase has been set for this year, and letters have gone out to the current membership and advertisers of the MICC,” said Mr. Brady, who pointed out this was determined by council with the input of the MICC board representatives.

There will be advertising for employment positions (grounds and clubhouse staff) going out in February to move forward with having everyone in place soon. Carrie Lewis, clerk for Gordon/Barrie Island, said “we will be advertising for someone to lease the clubhouse-kitchen this summer and will see what kind of response, if any we get from this.”

“There will be a few changes everyone will see and we hope the members will be patient during this process,” said Ms. Lewis. She pointed out a draft budget will be put together and be passed at a public meeting of council soon. “This budget will be passed publicly, although it won’t be at this month’s (February) regular council meeting.”

Mr. Brady said the golf course committee will be meeting regularly going forward and it is expected the transfer of ownership will be completed by March 1. He also pointed out council have drafted a terms of reference for the committee to operate.

As reported previously, council had voted unanimously in favour of the MICC being transferred to the township. A resolution approved by council states in part the MICC would be transferring assets for liability’s of MICC to Gordon/Barrie Island, and it states the municipality has committed that it will not be a burden on taxpayers.

Council wants to be sure that MICC members who have not received a letter or want to make payments prior to the golf course opening on May 1, to contact the municipal office for information, added Mr. Brady.