Credit downgrade is just another opportunity for the rich to prosper

Taxpayers will be all the poorer in the end

To the Expositor:

Government credit has been downgraded and, like I have been saying, it’s probably going to cost taxpayers more money. But the rich will just keep getting richer and taxpayers will just get poorer. The way I see the rich is that they are living off the avails of the poor, and the government too. These people can just never get enough–too much greed. Selling off part of Hydro One is not going to help anybody either, it’s just eventually going to cost more for the consumer and it’s already so expensive.

For me, I try to keep my kilowatt hours down but it’s not working, even with the low kilowatt hours. Then it’s my delivery rate that is going up instead so there is no savings to my hydro bill. Maybe Hydro One is required to have a quota for every month for the Ontario Energy Board on what they should be getting.

I have seen so many scandals already with this Liberal government and every scandal or each scandal is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars when this money should have been used to help the poor. At least some of this money would have gone back into the economy because these people will spend if they have enough money to spare. This Liberal government is so defiant when it comes to dealing with the deficit problem in this province they do not want to acknowledge that it is their own doing as to why this province is in such a mess financially.

Ronald Osawabine