Credit where credit is due

Heroic actions of young model citizens missing from story on boating mishap

To the Expositor:

The brief article on page 6 of The Manitoulin Expositor dated Wednesday, July 8, 2015 (‘Boating mishap send child to hospital’) mentions the child was located on shore by persons at the scene but fails to state their names. In particular, Tyra Banks and no, not the famous model but definitely a model citizen, who bravely dove into the water (injuring her knee) at the first sighting of the victim and bringing the exact location of the child to the attention of the searchers.

Helping Tyra throughout this courageous rescue attempt were her cousin, Cassandra Marquis, and good friend, Selina Durand.

Congratulations to three extremely attentive, and supportive teenagers who helped save a life!

Tyra, Cassandra and Selina should be recognized for their bravery in the initial finding and saving of a young boy’s life.

Lorraine and John Mandula