‘Cry Me a River’ is back!

Father/daughter duo Beth and Dave Draper are ready to answer your questions on life and love.

Dave Draper and daughter Beth once again offering advice to lovelorn, country style

MANITOULIN—Need advice on life and love? Look no further than ‘Cry Me a River,’ the Manitoulin Expositor’s heartfelt column from father/daughter duo Dave and Beth Draper of Little Current. It’s back by popular demand.

After nearly a decade, the column will once again grace the pages of The Expositor, offering advice to the lovelorn.

“People had problems, but I guess we solved them all,” said Mr. Draper with a grin as to why the column ended. “But we were excited when we were approached about bringing it back.”

“There are a lot more ways for people to reach out now,” said Expositor editor Alicia McCutcheon of the return of Cry Me a River. “People will be able to send in their questions through The Expositor’s Facebook page, email, fax or mail. The column was a lot of fun and really popular, so we thought it would be a great feature to bring back.”

The duo said they will not just be offering their advice, but also, as they did before, referencing lyrics from classic country music songs to help answer writers’ questions.

“A lot of the old songs offer a lot of great life advice,” said Mr. Draper, “so just like the last time we had the column, we will be using the classics to help out the people who write in.”

Ms. Draper said one of the old letters that sticks out in her mind is someone writing in that there was no pleasing their wife.’ She said her dad wrote back saying the most important sentence to live your life by was, ‘Yes ma’am.’

Mr. Draper joked that he’s older and therefore wiser and will be able to hand out even better advice this time around. (He’s also been married that much longer too! (35 years).

The pair said that they are looking forward to all types of letters and in the past received letters ranging from serious to comical, but whatever the subject, they will do their best to answer.

To submit your letter to Cry Me a River, email cryMEariver@outlook.com, editor@manitoulin.ca, visit the Manitoulin Expositor Facebook page, or write to The Manitoulin Expositor, RE: Cry Me a River, PO Box 369, Little Current Ontario, P0P 1K0, or Fax to 705-368-3822.