Crystal Shawanda nominated for JUNO

Soon-to-be new mom proud of album’s new sound

CANADA—Crystal Shawanda’s newest album ‘Fish Out of Water’ has been nominated for a JUNO Award.

Crystal, who is originally from Wikwemikong, but resides in Nashville, has been nominated for a JUNO for the Best Indigenous Music Album of the Year for her album ‘Fish Out of Water,’ which she released last October.

“I’m always so thankful and grateful to be nominated for an award, especially a JUNO along with so many people I admire,” Crystal told The Expositor. “We already have our hotel room booked and will be playing some showcases as part of the awards.”

“The album is a mix of blues, roots and country and the industry has really been embracing it—embracing me as a multi-genre artist,” said Crystal. “It’s very exciting.”

Crystal said she took her time creating this album, ensuring that she wrote and picked the right songs. The album was born out of the song ‘Fish Out of Water.’

“I was feeling discouraged and I wasn’t sure where I fit in the music industry,” she said. “I called my mom (who lives in Wikwemikong) and told her I felt like a fish out of water trying to learn how to fly. She told me to embrace how I was feeling and who I was.”

“‘Fish Out of Water’ delivers a universal message to not be afraid of who you are, where you come from and where you are going,” she added. “And that it’s okay to not fit in sometimes.”

Crystal and her partner Dewayne Strobel are expecting their first daughter together this weekend.

“I’m due February 19, but we will be heading over to Sudbury a bit earlier,” shared Crystal. “It was important to me to be as close to home as possible to deliver, but just couldn’t work it out for her to be born on the Island. My mom has missed out on a lot of other things because I’ve been away, so I wanted to be here for her to be a part of this.”

Mr. Strobel has two children, which he and Crystal have raised together, and said they are excited to be growing their family.

“We have a lot of touring scheduled, so I keep telling people she is going to be a road baby,” Crystal laughed. “We aren’t stopping, just slowing down to pick up another passenger.”

The 2017 JUNO Awards will be held at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa on Sunday, April 2, hosted by Michael Buble.

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