Curious hamster captured by cops

Jimmy the hamster was returned to his owner Monday.

Sharp-eyed constable spots Jimmy on Little Current thoroughfare

LITTLE CURRENT – One plucky hamster had the adventure of a lifetime this summer, which came to an abrupt (but happy) end last Thursday night when Jimmy, as she’s called by her family, was busted by the cops while crossing the intersection at Worthington and Draper streets in Little Current in the dead of night.

Jimmy, touted as a master escape artist by owner Sara McDonald, had been missing for a few weeks. Jimmy had chewed through her cage in the weeks before and, despite desperate attempts to find the family pet, the hamster was nowhere to be found. It was not Jimmy’s first escape, however. The hamster, which has been part of the family for over a year, has been found in some pretty unusual places, but this was the longest time that she had gone missing. Ms. McDonald said they she and her daughters, Hannah and Sophie, eventually became resigned to the fact that Jimmy had likely gotten outside and had met a tragic end.

Late Thursday night, a RedBow co-worker of Ms. McDonald’s sent her a post from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Northeast Ontario Facebook page that showed a hamster balancing on the steering wheel of a cruiser and another of the critter cradled in the hands of Constable Taylor Lockie, who was partnered with Constable Chris Carmichael that night. In the post, police asked for anyone who might be missing a hamster to contact them. The post garnered a lot of attention, and was picked up by news outlets across the province.

Ms. McDonald’s co-worker was aware of the hamster’s disappearing acts and sent the post tongue-in-cheek, but Ms. McDonald thought it looked an awful lot like Jimmy. The post was then shown to her daughters with Sophie exclaiming, ‘They found Jimmy?!’ A call was placed to the OPP to reclaim the hamster the following morning.

On Monday morning, Constable Carmichael of Espanola, who had taken Jimmy home with him for the weekend, returned the wayward hamster to her owner at Ms. McDonald’s place of work. Sure enough, it was Jimmy.

Constable Carmichael recounted the tale of happening upon a hamster at the Little Current intersection at 1 am. “I didn’t know what we were going to encounter, a public intox?” the officer laughed, joking that he didn’t know what state the hamster might be in when being picked up at that time of the morning, maybe even drunk and disorderly.

“I was going to ask how much to bail her out,” Ms. McDonald quipped.

Constable Carmichael admitted that this is one of the stranger 1 am findings he’s had. Both the officer and Ms. McDonald were amazed that Jimmy had survived on her own for so long. The family home is one street over, on Wilson Street.

“It’s like a real-life Stuart Little,” she laughed.

Ms. McDonald said her daughters were excited to be reunited with their hamster who is cuddly, comes when called and who evidently has a bit of a wild side and she thanked Constable Carmichael for finding their beloved pet.