Cuts to postal service hurt disabled and seniors

The rewards go to line the pockets of premiers and corporations

To the Expositor:

Well like I said, Canada Post is cutting back way too much because a lot of citizens still depend on their mail service, especially senior citizens, including me. This service is a Crown corporation and it’s the government’s responsibility to keep it afloat, but these hoodlums in Ottawa would rather steal the money.

It’s Stephen Harper who is doing all of this and his hoodlum government but this time around they will be sharing this money that they are stealing with the premiers of Canada and corporations. Industrial companies are getting all this money and instead they cut services that Canadians depend on.

These hoodlums have got to go because they are so stupid, losing taxpayers money. And citizens are paying for these services—that’s why they pay taxes, so the services can keep on going. My advice to citizens is to boycott your property taxes and we will see how long this government will last without your tax dollars.

Ron Osawabine