Dean Roy re-elected as chief of Sheshegwaning First Nation

SHESHEGWANING—Dean Roy has been re-elected for a second term as chief of the Sheshegwaning First Nation.

Incumbent Dean Roy won the election for chief among six candidates in the chief and council elections held November 18.

Mr. Roy received a total of 41 votes to securing his position as chief of Sheshegwaning for a second term. The other candidates for chief included Joe Endanawas, who received 31 votes; Gene Cada with 22 votes; Elizabeth Laford, 20 votes; Albert Cada, 13 votes; and Leonard Genereux with 11 votes.

In voting for the four council positions, Alana Endanawas received the most votes, 62, with incumbents Nicole Bush garnering 44 votes; Gene Cada, 41 votes; and Lance Panamick, who received 39 votes. Other candidates receiving votes in the election included Verna Hardwick, 38 votes; Janice Cada, 35 votes; Blair Sampson, 34 votes; Angela McLeod, 30 votes; Kathleen Malley, 26 votes; Ernest Wabegijik, 25 votes; Emilio Tomaselli, 25 votes; Sabastien Malley, 23 votes; Leonard Genereux, 23 votes; Cecilia Endanawas, 21 votes; Nick Bush, 17 votes; Freda Endanawas, 15 votes; Chris Sagon, 14 votes; and Charles R.E. Wabegijik, 13 votes.

There were a total of 138 valid votes cast for chief, with two ballots rejected. There were 139 valid votes cast for councillor with one rejected ballot.