Debajehmujig Storytellers’ Christmas Caberet production brings a new outlook on life

Debajehmujig Storytellers

MANITOWANING—Debajehmujig Storytellers Artistic Director Bruce Naokwegijig is pretty excited about this year’s Christmas production, ‘Gulchmuss,’ albeit he notes the story isn’t necessarily connected directly with Christmas. “It’s a story of two people who have left their respective societies J5 and are coming to a third and very different society,” he said. “Come to think of it, it really doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas,” he laughed. “We looked up ‘muss’ on the internet and it basically means something like chaotic or unorganized.”

‘Gulchmuss’ is a collaborative effort. “An evening of wonder, set in a time, not that long ago, but before now,” said Mr. Naokwegijig. “A world where people are living either here, or over there, with nothing but a bridge to unite or divide them.”

“And there are blacklight effects,” he quipped.

But on a more serious note, Mr. Naokwegijig said that he has been delighted to work with co-director, internationally acclaimed clown John Turner of Mump and Smoot. Although this isn’t the first time he has worked with Mr. Turner, this time out is very different.

“This is the first time where I am working together with him in a leadership role,” said Mr. Naokwegijig. “Before I was an actor, now it is much more of a collaborative experience.”

Debaj has been presenting its Christmas Cabaret for more than a decade, originally the brainchild of Debaj alum Elissa Sidlar, the event is a celebration of food, friendships and art coming together to create a gestalt that is greater than its parts.

‘Gulchmuss’ is suitable for all audiences and is a collaborative effort where experienced and emerging artists create a story and share their craft. It is set as a hilarious evening of philosopher king, love, magic, conflict and resolution.

‘Gulchmuss’ features veteran artsists Daniel Recollect-Mejki, Sheila Trudeau, Reece Wabegijig, Samantha Brennan, Ashley Manitowabi, Bruce Naokwegijig, Bradleigh Steven Trudeau and is directed by John Truner and Bruce Naokwegijig. Set design is by Barry Beaver and the seamstress is Gertrude Eshkawkogan.

‘Gulchmuss’ will take place at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre in Manitowaning at 43 Queen Street. The Christmas dinner production opens on December 5 at 6 pm with dinner of fabulous foods and sauces, scrumptious desserts and hot and cold beverages. To accommodate all time frames, Debaj is also offering a performance only production beginning at 7 pm.

Production dates are December 5 to December 8 and December 12 to December 15. December 5 is a preview night with half-priced tickets for the show only.

The event is open to the public via admission sales of $20 per adult, $15 per student or elder and $10 per child. Debaj will also have seated dinner service available through advanced booking for an additional fee. Adults at $45 per person and students/elders at $35 per person. Children $30 dinner theatre ticket are per child.

‘Gulchmuss’ is a licenced event, courtesy of Rainbow Ridge Golf Course’s Ridges Restaurant.

For more information or to order tickets contact Debajemujig Storytellers at 705-859-1820.