Deer captured in photo by Gore Bay woman look like they are dancing

Shall we dance? These two does appeared to be dancing near the marina shower house in Gore Bay recently. PHOTO BY SUE PRIDDLE

GORE BAY – Dancing deer?

Yes, you read that right. A Gore Bay woman recently witnessed, and was able to get a photograph, of what for all intents and purposes shows two does dancing. 

“I was driving by the (marina) shower house (in Gore Bay) and I saw two does and two fawns last week,” Sue Priddle told the Recorder. 

Ms. Priddle explained, “one of the does got up got up on her hind legs, and the other had her ears back and did the same, as if they were trying to intimidate each other. Apparently, they will get up on their hind legs and have a go at each other with their front hooves, to try and intimidate the other one.”