A defence of the integrity of the Township of Tehkummah

Some evidence of wrongdoing should be proven before accusations laid

To the Expositor:

Re. ‘Tehkummah reeve asks why anonymous petition author hiding,’ February 1, Page 1.

As a ratepayer in the Township of Tehkummah, I also would like to ask the same question. I agree with the reeve and Councillor Lee that there is no need for another audit. I have been to many council meetings and it has never been proven that there even was any money missing.

Again, I wonder if this is why the anonymous petition author never signed their name.

I feel that the reeve and councillors have to work together for the good of the township and in my opinion, the reeve and councillors should run the township, not the clerk.

You should have to prove wrongdoing before the petition was sent out. Please, if you believe in what is in the petition, have the respect to sign your name, not hide behind it.

Thank you,

Donald B. McMurray
Tehkummah ratepayer