Dewar syrup auction sets records for highest bid, total donations to cancer

Maple Syrup for the Dewar Family Maple Syrup Action

PROVIDENCE BAY – The 2021 Dewar Family Maple Syrup Shack auction for the year’s precious first litre of the sap run drew several bidders and a new all-time high winning bid of $1,100, with a total of at least $2,480 in total donations going to the Northern Cancer Foundation this year.

“You have set the bar beyond anything that it was ever intended. You have helped everyone going through cancer treatment in Northern Ontario. On behalf of anyone who has bid, who has watched or who has enjoyed, thank you! You have driven this syrup auction to heights which were unimaginable,” stated Travis Dewar on the family’s syrup shack Facebook page, where the Dewars run the virtual auction every year.

The successful bidders this year were Myles and Marlene MacLeod, who entered the competition right near the end of the week with their unbeatable $1,100 bid for the first litre.

“We think it’s a good cause and were happy to support it. We thought we’d give them a record bid in a terrible year,” Mr. MacLeod said.

His daughter was a childhood friend of Lauren Dewar, Mr. Dewar’s wife. The MacLeods still have a place in Sandfield but have moved off-Island to Sudbury. The family has fortunately not required the services of the cancer centre in the past, but said it was important to have in this part of the province.

Prior to the 2021 auction, the record winning bid was $1,000 in 2019.

The first bid this year came in just eight minutes after the auction period opened with a starting ask of $50. Five minutes later, the bids rose to $200 and inched up to $300 in the following day. Then, another bid jumped it to $500, with further rises to a peak of $575 by Wednesday evening.

Almost 24 hours later on Thursday evening, the MacLeods entered the competition with their near-double bid of $1,100, usurping the longstanding leader.

“It was a fantastic year,” said Mr. Dewar.

His family also gave out five sweet ‘milestone prizes’ for the people who brought the bids past secret levels established before the start of the bidding. Two of these went to the MacLeods when they made their substantial offer.