Disabled access to Canada post in Gore Bay now a reality

To the Expositor:

I would like to follow up with some great news regarding the Gore Bay Post office. I am happy to report that I received a confirmation call today, September 29, 2011, letting me know that tenders have been awarded and the Gore Bay post office will have the ramp fixed, as needed, and the automatic door opener installed next Monday, if weather permits. The soffit and eaves will be replaced by November 15.

Canada Post and others have acted and we will now have disabled access to the building.

I am so glad to have taken this on as a personal goal and project to help others in our community. I want to thank Carol Hughes and her staff and those of you who asked how they could help get this project done.

It feels great to know anyone given the chance and the courage can make a difference! Small towns attract retired persons and we need to accommodate and adjust to make sure none of us miss out on business simply due to the fact access is an issue.

Heidi Bailey-Brookes
Gore Bay