Doctor Roy Jeffery asks for Manor land for not-for-profit assisted-living housing

20 units could contract for Manor resources

MANITOULIN—Dr. Roy Jeffery made a presentation to the Manitoulin Centennial Manor board, proposing an assisted living facility adjacent to the Manor. The proposal was positively received by the board, leading to a motion asking for support from Island municipalities for the board to investigate the proposal and its feasibility.

“In my practice I see a lot of geriatric patients that are trying to manage living in their homes,” began Dr. Jeffery. “They are often independent enough to live on their own, but staying in their homes without any assistance is challenging. I see that there is a gap between living at home and living at the Manor. These individuals need some assistance, but not full time nursing care.”

“I am asking the board to consider parting with some of the Manor’s property and donating it to a not-for-profit organization so that we can seek funding to build a 20-unit assisted living facility,” continued Dr. Jeffery. “Individuals would be able to have their own place, but close enough to the Manor that they could contract services such as meals, some nursing and housekeeping.”

Dr. Jeffery stressed that there was a need for this type of facility on Manitoulin, and that by building it adjacent to the Manor, it could be beneficial to both.

“I have seen this type of arrangement work in similar places and the Local Health Integration Network is very supportive of this and Justin Trudeau’s new infrastructure funding could be utilized if we have a shovel ready project when the funding becomes available,” Dr. Jeffery told the board.

Dr. Jeffery also noted that the Manor is built on less than a third of the available land owned by the Manor.

In a report distributed to the board, Dr. Jeffery stated that approximately 33 percent of the Island’s population is at or near the age of retirement and that the population forecast for Manitoulin Island is that this segment of the population will grow to 44 percent by 2020 and 48 percent by 2035, more than doubling its current size.

“In terms of sewer and water services, the municipality has indicated that both water and sewer capacity will be available to accommodate additional residential development at the site,” added Dr. Jeffery. “Accordingly, there appears to be no major barriers from a planning and servicing standpoint should the Manor wish to allow us to proceed with the development of the proposed concept plan.”

Pat McDonald, representing Central Manitoulin council on the board, said that her council has been looking at developing an assisted living facility in their municipality, so they would most likely be in support of the concept.

“I agree, it would be a good thing for all of Manitoulin,” added Manor board chair and Assiginack Mayor Paul Moffat.

“There is no point squabbling where it is on Manitoulin, it is something we need here on Manitoulin,” added Mr. Moffat, noting that the project seemed like a good idea.

“The time is right and I know my council will support this,” said board member and Northeast Town Councillor Dawn Orr.

The board carried a motion, moved by Ms. Orr and seconded by Ms. McDonald, which stated that: “The Manitoulin Centennial Manor Board submits the following motion to its member municipalities for consideration and support: Whereas a proposal has been submitted to the board by Dr. Jeffery for the establishment of a not-for-profit multi-unit seniors assisted living facility; and whereas the proposed assisted living facility/ and whereas the proposed assisted living facility would require the board to relinquish a portion of its land to the not-for-profit board; and whereas the proposal is contingent upon funding being available, as well as determination of the financial benefits if any to the Manor; therefore the Manor board seeks the concurrence of its member municipalities to investigate the proposal and determine its compatibility with and benefit to the Manor including compliance with the strategic plan.”

In addition to the board members bringing the motion to their councils for consideration, they also requested that Manor administrator Michelle Bond ensure everyone on the board have copies of two past assisted living feasibility studies that had been done in recent years for board members to review.