Easter egg hunt events, activities held throughout Manitoulin

There was a large group of children on hand to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt on property owned by Lilly Third in Gore Bay, last Friday.

MANITOULIN – The Easter Bunny was very busy this past weekend, with several Easter egg hunts and activities on Manitoulin including those held in Gore Bay, Kagawong, Mindemoya, Sheguiandah and Tekhummah.

There was a large gathering of children on hand for the Easter Egg hunt held on the East Bluff, just outside of Gore Bay, on property owned and donated by Lilly Third for the event, on Good Friday.

Christine Foster was the main organizer of the event this year, who noted there were several volunteers to help out as well. 

“We had as many kids on hand as we did last year. I thought there might be less because of the weather but we’re happy to see so many children take part,” said Ms. Foster. She stressed how much everyone is so appreciative that Lilly Third allows the event to take place on her property every year.”

As well, she thanked the sponsors of the event, the Branch 514 Royal Canadian Legion in Gore Bay, Dean’s Valu Mart, the Manitoulin Transport Social Club and, last but not least, the Easter Bunny.

Kids of all age were thrilled to see the Easter Bunny in Gore Bay.

Children were divided into age groups to hunt for Easter eggs in different areas on the property. When the children were done collecting the chocolate eggs, hot chocolate was served and large Easter eggs were handed out. In each area, five larger plastic eggs could be found by the children; each of these led the finder to an added special prize.

Last Saturday morning, there was a massive number of children on hand for the Easter egg hunt in Kagawong. It was probably the largest number yet, with children spilt up into different areas around the Park Centre, boardwalk and maze for children to hunt for Easter eggs. A total of about 600 large plastic eggs were hidden and each held three small chocolate eggs, so over 1,600 chocolate eggs were collected.

Afterward, children were also presented with other special delicious treats. The event was also attended by the very busy Easter Bunny.

There was a huge crowd of children on hand in Mindemoya as well, and in the other areas where Easter egg hunts were held. And, yes, the Easter Bunny made it to each event.

There was a huge turnout of youngsters on hand, along with the Easter Bunny, at the Easter Egg hunt held in Kagawong last Saturday morning.